Health Options Institute

Empowering Students to Succeed for Over 34 Years




Health Options Institute is a professional massage school dedicated to helping people to connect through the power of touch to the presence of the Living God within themselves and within all other living beings.  We strive for the highest degree of integrity, magnificence and breadth possible.  We do this through the scope of our program, our in-depth curriculum, and our very special instructors.  We want to facilitate students to develop competency by teaching them many diversified types of bodywork with a holistic perspective and by empowering them through exposure to a broad base of knowledge from several different fields.  We seek to develop our students' fullest potentials to become extremely proficient and professionally successful massage therapists.  We endeavor to have 100% of our students joyfully employed, doing the work of their dreams, bringing healing to themselves and to others as they step forth in fulfillment in their new careers expressing their talents in massage therapy.  We recognize that through the power of our students' touch that our school and our students can help to manifest an awesome world that is filled with True and Perfect Love in which all people can joyfully and harmoniously BE.



About Our School


This eastern Pennsylvania school in Bethlehem Township is highly recognized for its excellent holistic program, which is comprehensive, thorough, and sets a high standard for professional massage training.  It also has exceptional teaching staff who are warm, caring, extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate.  Our teachers know how to make the educational experience an absolute joy.  The school has a relaxing, yet professional, atmosphere in a beautiful building.  The school also has received much recognition from many well satisfied employers of our students and their clients.  It was founded in 1984, being one of the first schools to be licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools to give massage training.  Upon graduation, students are well equipped to handle a variety of clinical complaints and to work in a wide variety of massage settings for a lifetime.  The Massage Therapy Program is offered on weekdays, evenings, and weekends.