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Advanced Intuitive Energy Clearing

(4.5 hours)

  • Clearing and Opening Your Energy
  • Protecting and Setting Boundaries  
  • Releasing Energetic Cords and Contracts
  • Overview of The Twelve Chakras
  • Healing with The Elements
  • Removing Blocks in the Auric Fields
  • Working with Vibrational Numbers and Symbols


Have you ever wanted to know how to navigate into your energy field and create purely from the space of potentiality instead of reliving the same patterns? Come journey into a realm rarely ventured. 

We are comprised of energy both of a magnetic and electric nature, and when this is blocked we become imbalanced and often have difficulty creating a life of harmony and joy.

This is a master class on clearing, shielding and protecting your energy as well giving you a comprehensive understanding of your energetic system. 

Do you frequently find it difficult to differentiate between your energy and someone else's? Do you often find yourself exhausted after being with people? Do you become easily irritated and over-react from certain situations?  Are you unable to heal quickly and manifest your desired life? Most of the techniques traditionally taught for clearing and protecting ourselves merely trap and further congest our energetic systems, which in turn affect our physical and emotional body. You will learn correctly what not to do and what to do.

This is a comprehensive class for everyone that wishes to learn more about your energetic blueprint and how to skillfully release toxic and unwanted energy.  This program is fully experiential where we will be using intuition, visioning, petitioning and creativity.

A certificate of completion is received for 4.5 hours which can be used toward PA or NJ massage license renewal.

About the Instructor 

Diane DuPre, Intuitive Energy Healer

Has had a private practice since 1997 as a Reiki energy healer and intuitive coach.  She began her studies of energy work at Health Options Institute and continued her studies with gifted healers and shamans throughout the United States.  Diane developed her coaching skills through The Empowerment Institute.

Diane's apprenticeships and training were with the  gifted healers and authors Cyndi Dale and Anodea Judith. She studied Shamanism with don Oscar Miro-Quesada and Sandra Ingerman and is presently studying with two Mystics, Miranda Macpherson and Thomas Hubl. For more information about Diane and her practice, check out her website and her facebook!



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