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(117 Hours)

Students work at the school on clients provided by the school.  Sessions include reviewing client histories (if the client has come before) and doing client intake forms, formulating a treatment plan, performing a massage, writing up session notes, reviewing written evaluations from clients after the session, and receiving feedback from the clinic instructor.  There are two levels of Clinic in the Massage Therapy Program. Level One is eighteen weeks and is done earlier in the program. Level Two is twenty weeks and is done near the end of the program. Sessions vary from one hour to one and a half hours to two hours. Students do 1-2 clients per week, usually two, depending on the length of the massage sessions. Students will have the opportunity to stay with some of the same clients over consecutive weeks in each level to help them evaluate their ability to make therapeutic progress with clients. Students will practice postural assessment and other assessment skills on real life clients. Students may be taught a few extra techniques, time permitting. Students will specifically be working to see postural improvements, increased range of motion, and a reduction of pain in their clients. These sessions are an invaluable way to gain self-confidence and experience!


Course Objectives:  Students will fine tune their massage skills and body mechanics through client and instructor feedback.  Students gain practice in documenting client sessions.  Students will gain experience in assessment to individualize their massages with real life clients of various conditions, gender, and ages. Students will learn to manage their session time more effectively, working within varying time frames, realistically simulating what they can expect to experience so they are well prepared for their career. 


Clinic is instructed and supervised by Elizabeth Anne Grubb (first picture) and Theresa Luchino (second picture).

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