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Modern Cupping Massage

(14 Hours)

Prerequisite: Deep Muscle Massage or any basic bodywork training

Modern Massage Cupping for Health and Beauty is an introductory course in the application of vacuum cups by massage therapists.
The class is intended to provide manual therapists an introduction to the use and benefits of silicone or plastic vacuum cups for myofascial release and remodeling, support of circulation, reducing muscle pain, assisting with bronchial congestion, improving lymph and blood circulation and beauty treatments. Physiological effects will be discussed in relationship to color changes the body may display upon application and client post-treatment expectations will be considered. 
This class discusses the history, application, purpose, techniques of use of various massage cups (type & size considerations), safety and sanitation, indication and contra-indications for various client health needs. 
Students will explore variations in size, amount of suction used for appropriate locations along with gliding techniques for assisting in myofascial mending. This is gliding (dry) cupping class as there is no needling performed as in acupuncture. Introduction of the TCM meridian lines will be discussed, along with exploration into Qi deficiency leading to internal cold. Thus, the use of cupping for helping move stagnant Qi to assist in warming of the body will also be explored.

Full discussion regarding potential (expected) reddening of the skin, along with a signed release from students prior to performing treatment will be provided. Students will be offered several simple protocols lasting approximately 15-minute length of treatment.


Course Objectives:

Students will properly perform a 15-minute myofascial mending treatment with the use of gliding suction cups.
Students will list indications or contraindications for varying client health needs.
Students will list benefits and outcomes of cupping for educating their client population.
Students will learn several simple protocols to help to relieve muscle tension, support myofascial release, lymph/circulation and beauty treatments.

Students will learn how to properly sanitize and safely use vacuum cups.

A certificate indicating 14 NCBTMB hours that can be used toward massage re licensing will be received.


Health Options Institute is approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education approved provider.  Its approved provider number is 451986-12.


Students will need to bring a minimum of 2 silicon cups to class, preferably 4 or 6 cups (can't be glass). Two different links to purchase these cups through are provided here: Cupping Set with Free Book       Premium Silicone Set

About The Facilitator:

Bridgit Martin, LMT, WHE, NCB has over 16 years of experience as a Massage Therapist

with National Certification and state licensing in Pennsylvania. Her foundational training began with the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics with additional education from the Baltimore School of Massage, the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts and the Academy of Massage Therapy. 


Bridgit's expertise includes training as a Whole Health Educator, is credentialed as a continuing education provider for NCBTMB, and has hands-on teaching experience with a local massage school. 


Ms. Martin provides health education classes for local companies who support employee wellness through organizational programs encouraged by health insurances as well as on-site massage services to businesses in her area. 


Bridgit's innate sense of intuition enables her to create exciting learning experiences for any massage student or life-learner. Bridgit offers a nurturing, healthy learning environment, while providing interesting topics that support massage therapist practice building and empowerment.  



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Testimonials From Bridgit's Students


"Love having Bridgit instruct and teach me.  She is and has always been so informational. Her/our cupping class was wonderful.  I was afraid to try cupping and now I can not wait to practice it!"  Loretta S.


"Bridgit teaches a very informative cupping class!  From effects at the cellular level to effects

felt and seen by recipients, she covered everything.  It was great to see the cups being used

on different areas of the body and being able to apply the techniques immediately."

Marissa W.


"This was the best course I have paid for to continue my education.  Bridgit was very informative and a pleasure to have as a teacher.  This course will save me wear and tear on my body, with very quick results."  Denise R.


"Can't say enough about how great the material and instruction was. Has such a benefit on what I already practice.  Definitely worth the money!"  Kara S.


"Wonderful!  Full of information about the overall interconnectedness of the whole system, was a great treat picking up the details.  You (Bridgit) always a pleasure being in your presence.  Love the way you guide, teach and demonstrate.  Really enjoyed today's cupping class!  Thank YOU!" Shareana T.


"Great course, will be bringing this into my PT practice. Enjoyed the course and learned a lot of new techniques." Maria S. 


"What I liked most about this course was lots of directed tablework. Very practical lecture with plenty of documented and referenced material and interesting graphics." Renee P.


"Bridgit is a fantastic teacher, very informative. Awesome, fun class and one of the very best I've ever had." Participant from May, 2017 class 


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