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Deep Muscle Massage

(125 Hours)

The student will learn a wonderful Deep Muscle Massage technique. Additionally, the student will be taught the effects of postural distortion and dysfunctional biomechanics.  A thorough understanding of how the body gets into pain and then out of it will be covered, so the student may communicate this to his/her clients as well as to medical professionals.  All stages of client rehabilitation will be covered.  The student will also learn the basic anatomy and kinesiology of the muscles, bones, anatomical directions, and anatomical movements.  The student will learn to work the muscles of the body, using crème or oil, while applying elements of Shiatsu, Swedish massage and Polarity.  Mobilization exercises are learned for each area of the body using the Aaron Mattes system of active isolated stretching.  All of these techniques are then combined to provide a relaxing and invigorating massage. There are guided meditations prior to practice sessions.


Holistic principles, the body/mind connection, the pros and cons of different work settings, pricing, marketing strategies, record keeping, business ethics, atmosphere, and many aspects of setting up and operating a massage business will be taught.    The student will be taught the appropriate use of medical terminology in order to effectively relate his/her knowledge to other health care practitioners, as well as how to relate theoretical knowledge to clientele in laymen’s terms.  A major focus is on body mechanics, so that the student may learn to use his or her body most efficiently. Other subjects include benefits of massage, contraindications and precautions, and nutrition and pathology.


During the final two weeks, the student will administer a supervised massage in its entirety.  Clear notes are provided in binders to minimize note-taking, containing all theoretical knowledge and step by step guidance on how to do the routines.


Course Objectives:  Upon successful completion, the student will be able to administer a relaxing massage in a professional manner.  The student will have a holistic context in which to perform massage. The student will be able to perform stretches for their own self maintenance.  The student will have a basic understanding of Anatomy and Kinesiology and a thorough understanding of pain mechanisms and how massage works scientifically to relieve pain.


Deep Muscle Massage is instructed by Elizabeth Anne Grubb (Evening Instructor, see first picture below), and Deborah Baer (Daytime Main Instructor and Evening Assistant Instructor, see second picture below).

Deep Muscle Massage Program Overview


Deep Muscle Massasge may be taken as a single course for already licensed massage therapists, physical therapy assistants, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors. Proof of licensure must be shown prior to entering the program. All others who are aspiring to practice massage, including nurses, must take the full Massage Therapy Program, due to licensing laws. Students will learn one excellent massage routine, mobilization exercises for the entire body, and holistic principles that will enable them to more heavily and creatively incorporate the practice of massage in their profession. The Deep Muscle Massage Program is a stand-alone program, but it is also the first part of the larger program, and is a way of trying out the larger program prior to committing to it. It consists of the Deep Muscle Massage Course (125 hrs). A certificate of completion is received at the end of this program. If you later choose to take the full Massage Therapy Program, you will receive both financial and academic credit provided the time elapsed is not too long.

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