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These remedies have been developed by Elizabeth Anne Grubb in response to the spiritual needs of specific clients. She has found that when one person needs a remedy, many others will need it. Flower essence products, except the sprays and lotions, do not contain aromatherapy essential oils, thus they are safe for everyone including those with allergies and on medications. If you are alcohol intolerant, please inform the distributor or Elizabeth prior to placing your order. The remedies are a fusion of several intuitively chosen and blended flower essences that are additionally intuitively integrated for increased potency and effectiveness. Ascended masters work with Elizabeth and through Elizabeth to additionally integrate these remedies. There are several different ways in which Elizabeth further intuitively integrates these products using ever unique divinely inspired methods, one of which is Sacred Geometry. You may purchase any remedies singly even if they are part of a package or you may purchase the entire package in order to receive a discounted rate. Supplies are limited, so order in advance.


The remedies do much more than ever possibly could be stated here or known consciously. Therefore take any remedy if you intuit you need it even if it does not make logical sense. Elizabeth is more than happy to intuitively suggest to you which products you as an individual should start with and even in which order you should take them as a complimentary service! You may text her directly at the above number any time. Of course, a transformational flower essence session with Elizabeth is the very best way to go as she will provide guidance on a very deep level and facilitate you in other ways, usually incorporating several other methods including Sacred Geometry. She has the ability to coach clients to make the shifts necessary to allow the flower essences to work, as they will not work when someone is choosing to be stuck in unforgiveness or hatred. Flower essences will not violate free will. Also the order in which you take flower essences is important and unique to each individual and many are not intuitively developed enough to perceive the most correct order.


One way to take these integrated flower fusion waters is to put about three to six drops of the chosen remedy in a small mug of water. Fill the mug half to completely full and swirl the water intuitively clockwise and counterclockwise or vice versa, stop and do it again as many times as intuitively feels correct. Increase the number of drops if you are using a lot of water. Then sip a little, allow yourself to feel the energetic shift, then sip some more. These remedies may be taken and dedicated to various fields, one at a time, such as your health, your marriage, your family, other people, your pets, your finances, your business, relationships, etc. We are all connected, so this will always work, provided the field you dedicate to is open to making positive changes in the moment in which it is dedicated.

If you decide to use the other method of taking a remedy directly into your mouth, unless it is 100% preserved with a liqueur, wash off the dropper if it comes into contact with your lips. Many prefer this method of taking the remedy directly into their mouth for convenience. Additionally, most remedies in a liqueur or partial liqueur base taste wonderful! If using the drops directly into the mouth, take one to nine drops until you all of a sudden feel differently and notice a new, more expansive viewpoint. It is possible that if you are exceptionally aware, you will feel a quiver or shake go through your spine as your energy realigns. Some may burp or yawn. Others may let out a sigh or sound as they relax and let go. You may also experience tingling in an area of your body that is healing. You may optionally continue to take the remedy after you experience your first shift to see if there are other shifts to be had on deeper levels. If you do not feel a shift after taking up to 9 drops and waiting up to 3 minutes, then wait and try the remedy at another time when you are feeling out of sorts or try another product or products first. Not all products are always needed, especially if you are already experiencing a sense of sublime wellness and a smile.


Remember, if you do not experience a shift or even when you do experience a shift, see if there is another field or fields as described above to dedicate the remedy to that you have just taken (i.e. your family). It is generally best to take additional drops of the remedy separately to clear each additional energetic field identified. (Do fields sequentially so as to focus on each one separately, not all at one time.)


When using a spray, you will generally find it best to spray at least 13 inches over the top of your head, your front and back, under your arms, the soles of your feet, and possibly elsewhere such as targeted organs or certain chakras (energetic fuse boxes) of your body. Sprays may also be dedicated to clear other energy fields (i.e. a marriage) as mentioned above, and also can be used to clear rooms and spaces. Sprays contain an essential oil or oils in addition to flower essences. Spray product life may usually be extended by refilling the bottle half way or so with distilled water or reverse osmosis water when the original bottle liquid level is down to about 15%. Often you can do this more than once, but should eventually re-purchase the product if it is beginning to lose its aroma because it will no longer work as intended. Sprays may also be used in baths by opening the bottle and pouring some in the tub.


FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All products are spiritual in nature.


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