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General Information on Flower Essence Products


Flower essences are entirely safe for everyone, including those with allergies and using medications, since they are simply water imprinted with the energetic frequency and consciousness of flowers via sunlight. These remedies are a fusion of several intuitively chosen and blended flower essences that are further integrated for increased potency and effectiveness under the guidance and assistance of ascended masters. Sprays and lotions also contain Aromatherapy essential oils which have been added in addition to flower essences. Individual integrated fusion products have been packaged together to target specific issues in order to make it simpler for people to proceed with confidence as to which products might serve them best. You may purchase any fusion remedies individually, even when they are part of a package, or you may purchase the entire package, benefiting from a discounted rate. Supplies may be somewhat limited at times, so it is suggested to order in advance. (*If you are alcohol intolerant, please inform us prior to placing your order. Products may be special ordered in white vinegar, water, or stabilized-oxygen water base.)


Since the full extent of the remedies’ effects is much more than could be written here or known consciously, it is suggested that you follow your intuition and take any remedy that you sense you need, whether or not you feel your need is exactly in line with the product descriptions. As selecting products requires a highly-developed intuitive skill, for the most comprehensive and effective healing, Elizabeth is happy to provide this service to you via her Guidance on Product Selection and Usage Program. She will suggest via email every 6 weeks which products you should be taking and the energetic fields on which to focus when taking them, according to your individual needs.



Instructions for Use


There are two primary ways to take these remedies. One way is to fill a 12 ounce wide mouthed mug 1/3 to 2/3 full of water. Put approximately four to seven drops of the chosen remedy in the water (use about four drops for 4 oz. of water, 7 drops for 8 oz.).  Intuitively swirl the water with one to two fingers clockwise then counterclockwise, or vice versa, pause, then do it again. Do this as many times as feels correct. Sip a little, allow yourself to feel the energetic shift, and then sip some more to get to deeper levels. Sometimes you may need to refill the mug if quite a few layers are becoming unstuck.


The second method of use is taking a remedy directly into your mouth. Many prefer this method for its convenience; not to mention the wonderful taste of the liqueur-preserved remedies. Take one to nine drops at a time, stopping when you experience a shift in how you feel and/or a more expansive viewpoint. By the time you have finished taking the remedy in a few successive doses, you should be seeing and experiencing the world as the flowers do through a whole new perspective. Those that are exceptionally aware may feel a quiver or shake move through the spine as their energy realigns. Others may burp or yawn. Some will let out a sigh or other sound as they relax and let go. Still others will experience tingling in an area of the body that is undergoing some healing. The range of responses is vast. Once the first shift has settled, you may choose to take the remedy again to see if there are other, deeper shifts to be had. If you do not feel a shift after taking up to 9 drops and waiting three minutes, then you might try another product or products first, since not all products are always needed at any one time, and sometimes the order in which you take them in is important. If you have advanced training in muscle checking it is helpful to check on the best sequence to take remedies. You should experience much greater well-being by the time you are done. Because the products have long term results, you may not need to take them every day, although there is no harm in trying. See how you are feeling. Please note, wash the dropper off if it comes into contact with your lips or other parts of the mouth.


It is recommended for best results or if you do not feel a shift when taking a remedy that you always check to see if there is another field or fields in an area of your life in need of the remedy you have just taken. For example, your health, marriage, family, others, relationships, pets, finances, an organization/business, or a role you play (i.e.: motherhood). Take the drops of the product according to either of the methods described above, focusing on one field at a time, addressing them sequentially. Sometimes you can do this through the power of intention alone without taking more drops. Dedicating products to an energetic field such as a relationship will be effective to the degree that the selected field is open to making positive changes in the moment in which it is dedicated.


When using a spray, you will generally find it best to spray at least 13 inches above your head, your front and back, under your arms, the soles of your feet, and possibly elsewhere, such as targeted organs or certain chakras (energetic fuse boxes of the body). Sprays may also be dedicated to clear other energy fields, as mentioned above, and can be used to clear rooms and spaces. Sprays contain an essential oil or oils in addition to the flower essences. The shelf-life of a spray product may be extended by refilling the original bottle approximately half-way with distilled or reverse-osmosis water and shaking it once the liquid remedy is down to 15% of its original amount. In most cases, you can do this more than once, but should re-purchase the product if it begins to lose its full aroma, a sign that it will no longer work as intended. Sprays may also be used in baths by pouring some directly into the tub.


FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The sole intention of these products is to work on a spiritual level.


Flower Essence Fusion Product List With Descriptions