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Flower Essences for Healers

(2 Hours)

As a healer it is very important to be harmonized within yourself in order to facilitate a similar harmonization within your clients. Flower essences are spiritual vibrational waters in which the energy of a specific flower has been captured. These facilitate deep changes within a person’s mind/body/spirit. Witness Elizabeth’s unique approach as she uses these on class members. Over 100 flower essences will be present to choose from: including Bach from England and ones from the Flower Essence Services of Nevada City, California that have been grown in the United States, and ones grown in the Perelandra gardens of Virginia. Helpful notes will be given which give an overview of a very advanced way of using flower essences for yourself and clients’ personal resolution of issues. You will learn some basic information on how they are made, places to obtain them, and what to expect as you use them. A certificate of completion indicating 2 hours will be issued that can be used toward PA and NJ massage licensing renewal. Should you wish to schedule a flower essence session with Elizabeth anytime in 2016 after taking this class, a $12 discount will be given at that time. She incorporates Circles of Life and other modalities as necessary into her flower essence transformational sessions.

About the Instructor 

Elizabeth Anne Grubb, CMT, NCBTMB, BA,

who teaches Flower Essences for Healers, is the president, shepardess, and inspirational breath who founded Health Options Institute in 1984. Her holistic health training includes Flower Essences with Jennifer Tucker and Dorothy Wood Espiau; Iridology with the Wild Rose College, John Ray and Robert Stevens; Nutrition with the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing, the Perfect Health Foundation, John Ray, Dr. Donsbach, and Steve Chagnon; and  Herbology and Wild Foods training through the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing, Evelyn Snook, and many others.


Elizabeth does flower essence transformational sessions and develops personalized unique formulations for clients as needed. Elizabeth has over 7,500 hours of training and experience doing Dorothy Espiau's Circles of Life, Solutions, Interventions and Alternatives which are the primary modalities she currently practices. This work allows what was formerly impossible to become possible through reprogramming the human bio field to create success in the field of the initiative being integrated. Her additional counseling and mind/body training include Gestalt Therapy with Ute Arnold, Boundary Setting and Healing from the Core with Suzanne Scurlock-Durana, Continuum with Susan Harper and Emilie Conrad, Voice Dialogue with Hal Stone and Sidra Winkleman, and the Forum with Landmark Education.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Psychology from Temple University in 1979, graduating Summa Cum Laude, third in her class of 3,000.


"It was just as good as winning the billion dollar lottery!" -Laurie Hahn, January 2016

"What I liked most about the course was the ability to use the flower essences and see firsthand how they work. Elizabeth is very caring and empathetic and can sense intuitively what you need." -B.A.G, August 2016




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