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History of Product Development


Rise Again was the very first remedy Elizabeth developed to help ease her anguish when she lost her relationship with both her daughter and her grandchild. This first remedy was developed on 11/11/2014. She had not intended to make this into a business at that time. During the ensuing year of 2015 she developed three more remedies to help herself, but also began to find that her clients were greatly benefitting from these remedies when often a single flower essence would not do.


In the late winter of 2016, Elizabeth learned that her main mentor of that time, Dorothy Wood Espiau, had passed away who had made similarly inspired products. Elizabeth immediately knew that the work with developing integrated flower essence fusion products needed to be continued, since as the planetary consciousness changes, new integrated fusion remedies need to be developed on an ongoing basis to meet people’s growing and ever new spiritual challenges. She really stepped up her work at that time realizing she had a calling which she needed to fulfill seriously.


In 2017 Elizabeth began packaging these products together for targeted issues in an effort to make it simpler for people to proceed with confidence as to which products might serve them best individually to facilitate their engagement in their life challenges and resolution of these as life comes pressing down hard on them. Some have said Elizabeth’s greatest gift is her compassion for she has suffered greatly and come through much. All she knows is that she and others would not have nearly come so far to rise above that which was pulling them down if it had not been for the development of these remedies for which she is eternally grateful. Her smile and laughter are unforgettable and she hopes you will imbibe these so you will feel the same.















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