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History of Product Development

In 2014, after having first thoroughly grounded herself in the use of individual flower essences and having exhausted their employment as single stand-alone products, Elizabeth began developing transformational fusion remedies for especially challenging situations. Influenced and informed by Dorothy Wood Espiau’s unique techniques for employing the healing potentials of flower essences, Elizabeth found that she had been gifted with the ability to both blend and integrate the remedies in such a way that their results were exponentially magnified.


Elizabeth developed the first flower fusion remedy on 11/11/2014, in response to a very painful estrangement from her daughter and grandchild. At the time, she had no commercial intentions for the remedies. The next year she developed three more remedies to facilitate herself and clients in various life challenges when individual flower essences were not enough.


In the winter of 2016, Elizabeth learned that her mentor, Dorothy Wood Espiau, had passed away, which propelled Elizabeth more fully into the alchemical fusion of flower essences. She knew she had to continue developing integrated flower remedies to serve and meet the ever-evolving needs and spiritual challenges that were coming with the shifting planetary consciousness and people’s new growth. Elizabeth came to the realization that she had a major calling she needed to fulfill.


Having suffered greatly, many have found these remedies to be essential to and immensely helpful in overcoming life’s hardships and struggles. With their help, they have been able to rise above that which was pulling them down, meeting life with renewed joy and thriving in its beauty once again. We invite you to share in these remedies and the wonderful resolution of issues and healing they bring. We give gratitude to a Higher Intelligence which has enabled all of this.  
















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