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Massage Therapy Program
647 Clock hours

Enrollment Fee: $140

Tuition: $9,450

Supplies: $330-$383

CPR: $73


Please note that the Institute does not have semesters like colleges, but it is an ongoing program with some breaks for holidays. Therefore, the above fees are for all of your education, not just for a semester or year like a college! The Institute has a multitude of payment options to choose from to bring you toward your career goals. You may pay your tuition as a lump sum by the first day of the program, or it may be paid in monthly installments during the duration of your program or even continuing past the end of your program. You decide which option facilitates your dream. This investment is one that will multiply in value many times over. Employment opportunities abound. In fact, we have more job openings than students available to fill them!


Our highly cost effective program does not include any extraneous subjects unrelated to massage.  Remember that general education courses taken at a college do not in any way prepare you or advance you toward a career in massage. Also remember that if you are unable to pass the licensing exam on graduation or are unable to find suitable employment, money invested in a fast paced massage program that is not comprehensive does not pay off. Taking any program of less than 10 months duration is stressful even if it is a very basic program, as it crams too much information and technique into too short of a time period.  However, an in depth program, such as offered at Health Options, will take much longer and be more rewarding. An investment of time in a longer more comprehensive program will yield permanent rewards over many years of success as a massage therapist. You will be able to enjoy your nicely paced program while still having a life. Instant gratification does not pay off in the long run. Don’t rush what may very well be the very best experience of your life!

Financial Assistance Options

We are an approved educational provider with certain financial assistance agencies including New Jersey federal and state Workforce Development Programs and the Veterans Administration. Additional information about VA educational benefits is available at our financial assistance office or by calling 888-GI-BILL-1 (888-442-4551).                                          



Textbooks:   The school carries all textbooks required for classes on premise.


Massage Tables:   The school sells Earthlite massage tables and massage chairs.


Other Supplies:  The school carries a variety of massage crèmes, DVDs, stretching ropes, anatomical charts, aromatherapy diffusers, and essential oils for the student’s convenience.


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