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The school has a 647 hour training program in Massage Therapy.  Students will receive a diploma on completion of this program. Additionally, certificates of completion are awarded for various types of massage.  These certificates of completion are in Shiatsu, Reflexology, Sports and Therapeutic Techniques, and Orthopedic Neuromuscular Therapy.  During this program the student will have the opportunity to gain experience by working on premise in the supervised student clinic on members of the general population.  Additionally, the student will learn many different bodywork routines for the body which can be integrated together and customized for the individual client.  This program is for the really serious student who would like to have a lifetime professional career in massage and excellent employment opportunities as well as solid assessment skills and a smorgasbord of techniques to choose from. Students begin learning hands on routines starting on week one! It generally takes 14-19 months for daytime students and 19-22 months for evening/weekend students to complete the program.


Possible Occupations on Graduation

This program is designed to fit the needs of students looking to enter the occupation of massage in a wide variety of settings, including Wellness Centers, Your Own Private Practice, Medical and Chiropractic Offices, Physical Therapy Clinics, Day Spas, Beauty Salons, Resorts, Sports Medicine Clinics, Fitness Health Centers, Elder Care Settings, and more.

This well-rounded program will prepare students to take the MBLEx licensing exam.  This is required should you wish to work in Pennsylvania and the majority of the other states. Students are well prepared to take the MBLEx, due to the breadth of the program. Additionally, the Massage Therapy Program content meets New Jersey requirements to be able to bypass taking the MBLEx, yet still receive a New Jersey massage license! 

Job Placement

The Institute has lifetime job placement assistance services available free of charge to any graduates who have a need for these services. The School has repeatedly had a 100% rate of employment! We have a wonderful affiliation with employers that we have established over the last 33 plus years. Our graduates are self-employed, working for another, or a combination of both. For a list of our graduate employers, click here

The following courses comprise the 647 Hour Massage Therapy Program.


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Already licensed continuing ed students may take some of the following as a la carte courses.

Diploma and Certificates of Completion

Upon completion of the 647 hour Massage Therapy Program, the student will receive a diploma in Massage Therapy.  Additionally, several certificates of completion are awarded for various subjects taken within the program as noted in the course descriptions.


Student/Teacher Ratio

The student/faculty ratio varies from class to class as needed for optimal learning.  It averages 8 students or less per instructor for hands on classes and 10 students or less per instructor for lecture classes.


Schedule of Classes

Classes are available on weekdays, evenings, and weekends. It is sometimes possible to switch from one time slot into another if your schedule should switch after you begin your classes.

Please contact the school for an upcoming schedule of classes.

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D​eep Muscle Massage (125 hours)
Clinic (117 hours)
Anatomy & Physiology Levels I & II (59.5 & 52.5 hours)
Shiatsu Levels I & II (75 & 49.5 hours)
Sports and Therapeutic Techniques (56 hours)
Orthopedic Neuromuscular Therapy: Levels I-VI (66 hours)
Reflexology (14 hours)
MBLEx Coaching Class (4 hours)
Career Actualization (4 hours)
Practice Policies, Procedures, & Ethics (21.5 hours)
CPR & AED (3 hours)

Shiatsu Class Students




·       We have taught all ages, from recent high school graduates to an 84 year old to date!

·       We have taught people of various ethnicities including Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, South American, Indian, African, and others.

·       We have taught people of various creeds. We seek what is common rather than what is divisive. Spiritual growth and support is often reported.

·       We have taught people with varying experience and education, from beginners to returning massage therapists to medical professionals.