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Practice Procedures, Policies, & Ethics

(21.5 Hours, 16 of which may be used toward massage license renewal in Pennsylvania)

This very practical course teaches professional office procedures and etiquette, either working for someone else or for yourself.  Advertising do's and don'ts, resume writing, interview skills, communication skills, employment agreements, and legal contracts will be covered.  Legal concepts (including lawsuit protection), insurance billing (including current Blue Cross/Blue Shield regulations as they relate to massage), SOAP notes (client session documentation using standard abbreviations & terminology and establishing a treatment plan) will be taught.  Ways to run your office more efficiently will be covered, including office forms for referrals, massage questionnaire, consent, release, progress, pain chart, HCFA 1500.  Students will also learn a variety of hands-on techniques which really produce results including trigger points and trigger point patterns and use of the Intra cell.  The major effects of medical massage and healing phases are covered.  This is a highly popular course that really puts it all together for the student. A certificate of completion for 21.5 hours is received if you are taking this as an NCBTMB continuing education course.  If you are a licensed massage practitioner taking this course for licensing renewal, 5 hours of this course will count as your required Ethics course and a total of 16 hours will count toward license renewal, all of which will be indicated on your certificate.


Praise for Dr. Simeone 

"Loved the class! Could listen to Dr. Simeone all day! Was so informational! Learned sooo much useful info. Can’t wait to use it all!” – May 2017 Student


“I would grade the course teacher as Awesome!!! Love this teacher & class!! Very helpful! Wish it was longer!” – May 2017 Student



About Your Instructor

Dr. Richard V. Simeone, DC, CCSP, DACBR

Teaches Professional Ethics and Practice Procedures, Policies, and Ethics, and has been in private practice since 1983. He is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College. He is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and is a Diplomat in Rehabilitation and Disability and Impairment Ratings. He has extensive training in Low Speed Rear Impact Collisions and is a Collision Reconstruction Consultant. He has been an expert witness in automobile and worker's compensation injuries for many years. He has over the years incorporated Massage Therapists in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries as part of his clinical practice. He has developed this course in response to a need he has observed in his office when interviewing and training Massage Therapists. He is presently a member of the Health Options Institute advisory board.


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