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Praise for the School


Health Options Institute has changed my life in ways I can’t begin to explain.  This is more than a massage school. Health Options has shaped me into a better person, one who is more in tune with my inner self and I was lucky enough to experience this at the young age of 19. I have formed lasting friendships with my fellow students because we weren’t just classmates, we were a family.  The school gives you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in the massage industry. Right after graduation,  I got hired at a place looking for experienced therapists and although I had no experience because I was fresh out of school, they still hired me because I was a Health Options graduate! Coming here was the best decision I’ve made so far and I’m forever grateful for the experience. Not to mention, the free massages every week were a plus.  

-Hayley Ahlgren, LMT and alumna


I am a 2001 graduate of Health Options Institute. I chose this well-established long-running school because of its great reputation.  After graduation, I began working in the field ready to tackle many different kinds of client problems. With the excellent training we received in our local hands-on classes, it was possible to recognize the particular needs each client presented. I was able to be comfortable in medical, chiropractic, and salon settings. Health Options Institute has a committed placement program. The school helped me secure two of these positions. Within three years, I had a full-time massage therapy practice on my own which has sustained me into my 60's. Although I was a late starter in this field in my late 40's, I found the variety of techniques the school offers has helped to protect my hands and body from injury during all these years. My personal strength level and the in-depth nutrition program I took opened my eyes to many ways of staying or getting well. The well rounded education enables the student with many self-care insights. Although continuing education units have only recently been mandated for Pennsylvania licensing, and hands-on at that, it took very little time for Health Options to have a creative offering far exceeding what is available by companies who simply visit the area for the occasional class. When I needed my records to prove to the state I was qualified for Pennsylvania licensure, this reputable dependable long-running school was there to give me everything I needed. I am so grateful I attended a school with a permanent physical location where the quality of teaching is excellent. Full support with necessary tools and products have been available all these years and I plan to take advantage of the services for years to come.

-Jan Bourdelle, LMT and alumna


Health Options Institute provided me with a strong foundation in Massage Therapy.  Their program gave me the education and skills needed to feel confident and prepared to work in any environment, especially opening my own business.  Upon graduating I opened my own business and have successfully operated a therapeutic/medical massage center now for 3 years and still going strong!  I currently employ three other massage therapists, in addition to myself, and a personal trainer. I am grateful for my training at Health Options Institute. I highly recommend their program if you are serious about becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist!

-Kelly Kark, LMT and alumna


I am a former student of HOI from 1994 and also did the NMT certification. Your program helped make become the doctor I am today. I always say I'm only as good as those who taught me and I give Health Options Institute the credit.​.. I am looking to open a massage therapy school in Texas that certifies therapists and where other health professionals can get continuing education. I have been on the receiving end of many terrible massages from schools in the Los Angeles and Austin areas which is why I would like to get out there and help raise up awesome therapists like you did.​

-Cindy Summers, chiropractor and alumna


Since graduating from Health Options Institute 2 1/2 years ago, I have opened my own successful massage practice in Bangor, PA.  I have been in business for two years, and the work is rewarding beyond expression.  I have a great client base and have been able to include other therapists in my business. I would like to leave this testimonial to show my appreciation to Health Options Institute for all they have given me.  I truly enjoyed the massage program, and through it I was given tools that allowed me to become a successful massage therapist.  I continue to attend continuing education classes at Health Options Institute because I believe they are the best school in the area. This is the school for anyone that really wants to make a difference in their client’s health and wellbeing. Thank you so much.  

-Daniel Tscherwinski, LMT and alumnus


Upon graduating from Health Options Institute in 2013, I was able to pursue a successful career as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist.  The high quality of education, dedicated instructors,  small class size, and personal attention I received made Health Options Institute an excellent choice! 

-Robin Rydeen, LMT and alumna


I chose to study massage at Health Options Institute 27 years ago. I personally experienced the positive result of holistic healing that I was introduced to and received at Health Options Institute. I in turn wanted to help others to learn about this alternative approach to healing and have continued to do so for the past 26 years. I built upon my Health Options Institute education by becoming a member of AMTA, NCBTMB, and am a PA licensed Massage Therapist. I retired 6 years ago as a Social Service Coordinator but still continue to provide massage therapy. Thank you Health Options Institute.

-Sarah Yurkunas, LMT and alumna


My background as a PT had lead me into massage. I started with more advanced soft tissue work with courses in myofascial release and craniosacral techniques. I would like to do massage therapy as transition into retirement. Health Options Institute came recommended by 3 PTA's. The school has very flexible schedules which work with my busy regular work schedule. Health Options Institute teaches strong background for the field. Teachers that I had are very good in traditional techniques, as well as subtle techniques. Health Options Institute also offers many extra continuing education courses, such as Lomi Lomi, etc. Attending the 600 hour course has given me a good review in Anatomy, and added several excellent techniques for my retirement vocation.

-Trish Orwig, physical therapist and alumna


The school program is well rounded. It is geared to help you to go right in the work field. I was prepared and confident and now I love what I do.

–Amy Peters, alumna


​The material helped me cover everything I felt would help me enter the working world and become successful!

–Jim Sposili, alumnus


Health Options makes learning fun and very practical. I can't wait to come back and learn more modalities.

–​Kari Reichard, alumna


This is a peaceful place and great place to learn. The atmosphere is very kind here.

–Bobbi Kolment, alumna


Health Options Institute has opened my eyes and soul to a new way of learning and living.

–Joe Amabile, alumnus


I am so glad that I chose Health Options Institute to learn massage as a career. I think that this school is exceptional!

–Kathy Avery Richards, alumna


I began my career as an energy healer with my foundation of studies at Health Options Institute.  When choosing to invest my time as well as money into education, what is most important to me is reading the testimonials. I want to see how a program or the studies I wish to pursue has changed or improved the quality of someone's life. I also want to know if those taking these programs are successful not only in service to humanity but earning a substantial income. I can truly speak with enthusiasm that I received the most educational, life inspiring, and useful information to begin my career from Health Options Institute. The school was consistently run by the most professional and friendly staff.  Every one of my instructors were profoundly knowledgable and in their field.  Not only were they excellent teachers, they each were creating a quality of life through their work.  My teachers were highly skilled, very professional, approachable, and an excellent resource of knowledge.  Elizabeth Grubb, the owner/director, had a plethora of experiential classes to choose from to develop your skills. I opened my private practice as an intuitive energy healer immediately upon graduating in 1997.  Although I continually study with profound teachers throughout the world, I believe much of my success was from the foundational tools I received at Health Options Institute.

-Diane DuPre’, Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Teacher


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