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Pre and Post Natal Massage

(16 Hours)


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This training teaches the dynamics of the trimesters of pregnancy, labor and post-partum, the emotional aspects of pregnancy, anatomy and physiology of the pregnant woman, positioning and draping for supine, side-lying, prone and seated positions, specific full body massage and techniques for all three trimesters, how to address and alleviate specific pregnancy discomforts such as sciatica, low back pain, shortness of breath, muscle and leg cramps and various other issues, contraindications and precautions for prenatal massage, how to approach the high risk woman with gestational diabetes, hypertension, preeclampsia, marketing pregnancy massage, how to write a brochure, business card and press release.  A comprehensive training manual with valuable hands –on photos and handout-ready material is provided. This course awards a certificate for 16 hours which can be used toward PA or NJ license renewal.

Praise from Jessica Ann’s Students


"Great instructor with awesome energy!" September 2017 student


"What I liked most about this course was all the information given throughout the two days. Her knowledge and experience as a doula was wonderful to learn from." September 2017 student


"The information is fascinating!" September 2017 student


Jessica Ann's Pregnant Mom Testimonials

“I just had my fifth baby a month ago, and after meeting with Jessica, decided she would be a great person to work with for the birth of my son. She was amazing through the entire process, checking in to see how I was doing, meeting up several times to make sure everything would be as close to how I wanted things to be as possible. She was always so warm and kind, making me and my family feel comfortable each time we met with her.

On the day my son was born, she came right away as soon as labor started. I thought I liked her before...well, in labor, she was AMAZING. Applying pressure when needed, which helped tremendously, she gave hugs, held my hand, massaged my head (which was heavenly in labor by the way), gave words of encouragement - I really couldn't have asked for anything more. My previous labor had been 39 hours, so I thought I was in for a long haul, but this was quick, just over 4 hours and I can't imagine going through it without Jessica. She and my midwife made an incredible team - I'm so thankful that I chose Jessica - so thankful.

Since my son has been born, she has been checking in on me, making sure all is good after the fact. I have no regrets.” Sara Gliedman


“I am a birth doula myself, and hesitated on hiring a doula for my third home birth because I already had the knowledge, experience, and the nurturing environment that I felt I needed to get through the birth. However, my husband and I decided to have Jessica join us on our birth team because we felt it would be good to have the extra support and extra set of hands. First off, Jessica performed an induction massage when I was a week overdue, and at my next appointment, while not in active labor, I was 6 cm dilated! (From 2 cm the week prior.) I believe Jess's massage helped me to make some progress.

When it was time for the birth, Jessica was very responsive and came immediately when I called her. In early labor, I like to labor on my own, and Jessica completely respected that and kept her space. However, when my labor became very intense and I needed extra help, Jess was right there to provide counter pressure and massage, which significantly reduced the pain of my contractions. When pushing, Jess was right there holding my hands and stuck right by my side, giving me the security I needed. It was such a relief to know that there was a person there with no other responsibilities than to tend to my needs. It freed my midwife and her assistant to tend to birthing business. It also freed my husband and I to have our alone time and gave him a chance to "catch" our baby! 

Jessica was very good about checking in with me regularly via text message or phone call during my pregnancy and made sure that I never felt rushed or pressured during the birth. Her massage skills are an AMAZING bonus to have in a doula! Even though I am experienced mother and doula myself, Jess lent a lot of skill and support to the birth. I am so grateful we had her come!” A.G. Zieger


“Jessica is an amazing massage therapist. I always experience the best results and feel confident in referring pretty much anyone to her! As a yoga teacher and counselor, I feel very strongly in the intelligent and informed approaches and techniques and style Jessica uses in working with her clients.” Mandy Doria Ellard


“Thank you to Jess who helped turn my breech baby just a week before I was planned to go for a c section. She gave me great advice and recommended a chiropractor which definitely made a difference along with a wonderful relaxing prenatal massage. She also gave great advice on stretches and other techniques. She is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her.” Jillian RaeAnn

About the Instructor


Jessica Ann, CD, CIMI, LMT, who teaches Pre & Post Natal Massage and the Infant Massage & Instructor Course, is a Certified Doula & Certified Infant Massage Instructor. She as doula provides emotional, educational, and physical support during pregnancy to prepare the mind and body for labor. Additionally, she provides prenatal, postpartum, and induction massage.

Jessica decided to become a doula after the wonderful experience she had with her doula in her first pregnancy, which greatly relieved her fears about pregnancy and childbirth. Thanks to Jessica’s doula, she was able to have wonderful memories of her birthing experience which she now shares with her daughter.

Soon after her birthing experience, Jessica studied massage at Health Options Institute and acquired her Massage License. She worked for multiple chiropractic practices and received certifications specializing in prenatal and postpartum massages.  Jessica became a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, which allows her to provide parents and care takers with all the information and hands-on experience needed to safely incorporate massage techniques into their daily routine with their baby. 

Jessica further advanced to become a Birth Doula, completing training through DONA International, mentored with The Growing Place in Emmaus, PA and shadowed under DONA International Certified Doula since 2002 / Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator Virginia Rivenbark.  Jessica has supported moms at hospitals in North Eastern Pennsylvania consisting of both vaginal, cesarean births and vaginal birth after cesarean.  Beyond hospital births Jessica has supported moms birthing at home; including, water births with area midwives. To date she has supported 27 families in their birthing experience.

When Jessica is not doing prenatal work or attending a birth or conducting an infant massage workshop you can find her working at Thrive Wellness Center, a Holistic Wellness Center in Kingston PA, where she hosts and teaches classes to a self-started group called NEPA Moms-To-Be. Thrive gives her moms-to-be the opportunity to further educate themselves about nutrition and health care by Holistic Healthcare Practitioners, Licensed Nurse Practitioners, and Holistic Nutritional Consultants. Supplementary to her prenatal expertise Jessica additionally holds certifications in and practices Thai Massage, Reiki, and Aromatherapy. To learn more about Jessica Ann, go to her website at


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