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(14 Hours)

Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet, hands, and face which correspond to every organ, system, and area of the body.  In the practice of reflexology, nerve endings in the feet, hands, and/or face are stimulated relieving discomfort and promoting an increased balance in homeostasis. The goals of reflexology are to reeducate, repattern, and recondition the nerves through the neural/electrical system of the body. Students will gain much hands-on experience, learning applied pressure techniques through the application of thumb or finger walking techniques to the feet.  Students will learn the history of Reflexology, as well as the different anatomy systems. Students will receive detailed charts to practice from which will facilitate learning the general routine.  A certificate of completion is received. This is an introductory course. Should you wish to practice Reflexology as a profession, more extensive training will be necessary, but this is an excellent start!  


Course Objectives:  Students will be able to provide a basic reflexology session after continued practice of the general routine provided, and will be able to immediately incorporate foot reflexology into their massage sessions.


Reflexology is instructed by Veda King Blanchard.

Praise for the Course

"I learned so much in this class and will definitely be continuing my education in this area. The instructor was personable and not only taught us many things, but made it fun." -Rolanda G.

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