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Shiatsu: Level I

(75 Hours)

Shiatsu is a strong healing modality and relaxing Asian therapy employing palm and finger pressure on up to 365 body areas and points (tsubo).  Stimulation to these tsubo opens the body’s “chi” energy flow (invigorates).  Emphasis is on setsu shin (palpation and touch diagnosis), learning the fourteen major meridians, and the most commonly used points. Ampuku, oriental diagnosis, the five element theory, and Bo alarm points and Yu points, source points, contraindications, use of hara, tonification, and sedation are learned.  Students will gain experience working on a low massage table.  Students also have the option to work on a padded floor surface (traditional) should they so choose.  Techniques are given for prone and supine positions, and students will be taught options for administering shiatsu in a seated chair position.  Many specific techniques are given that are helpful for the elderly and the infirm, including for conditions such as low back pain and sciatica.  Do-In (self-massage), Asian Acu-yoga, and some Qigong are taught as self-maintenance exercises as well as meditation techniques to help ground and center the practitioner and to cultivate the practitioner’s energy. If this is being taken as a single continuing education course, a separate certificate of completion will be received for this course.


Course Objectives:  The student will gain a larger perspective and holistic framework from which they can view bodywork and healing.  The student will be able to integrate Eastern principles and shiatsu techniques into their regular massages, thereby contacting their clients in a deeper way and increasing the effectiveness of the bodywork.  The student will be able to use shiatsu as a healing modality in and of itself.


S​hiatsu Class Students

Shiatsu: Level II

(49.5 Hours)

Prerequisite:  Shiatsu Level I


Students will learn how common complaints are diagnosed and treated using shiatsu.  They will diagnose the body structure, face, tongue and 12 pulses, internal and external disharmonies, and then develop unique individual treatments based on diagnosis.  The 14 traditional meridians will be reviewed plus students will be introduced to Masunaga’s extended meridian system.  Students will learn techniques done on the client in a side lying position, dynamic advanced stretches, and hand techniques. They will build upon what they already know.  Students will deepen their personal energy cultivation through Qigong meditation movement exercises and some Acu-yoga.  A combined certificate of completion is received for both levels. If this is being taken as a single continuing education course, a separate certificate of completion will be received.


Shiatsu Levels I & II are instructed by Lee Ann Fotta.

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