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Sports and Therapeutic Techniques

(56 Hours)

The student will learn 4 styles of massage, one derived from Eastern European techniques, one from Rich Phaigh's technique, one from Benny Vaughn's technique, and the other from Russian Massage that may be integrated in with other massage techniques learned in other courses. The main focus will be on performing Outcome-Based Massages using client assessment, compressive strokes, cross fiber strokes, mobilization techniques, strain/counterstrain, and myofascial techniques. These awesome techniques may be used with all clients, not just athletes. Numerous adjunct and pertinent topics will be covered, including the three phases of soft tissue repair and safe usage of hydrotherapy (hot and cold packs). On completion, the student will be able to perform sage and effective massages to treat muscle imabalances and hypertonicity from repetitive overuse in daily living and injuries. A certificate of completion is received.


Course Objectives:  Students will be able to perform safe and effective massage therapies for all client populations, including athletes who become injured. We will be able to encourage athletes toward total wellness and help them stay injury free. By working with the physiological systems of the body, the therapist will learn to work smarter, not harder.

Testimonials From Students

"What I liked most about this course was the hands on learning. Donna is great at showing and teaching hands on." -September 2016 student

"The hands on routines I learned are my "go to." Plus, I could not live without the small corrective "tips" that made me the LMT I am." -J.C.

"The hands on releases have been so useful!" -September 2016 student

"The pace was good and the information was very interesting." -September 2016 student

"What I liked most about this course were the many awesome techniques learned! Donna is awesome and knowledgeable!" -November 2017 student

"Love the content & information. Really Inspired me as well as motivated me to learn more to become proficient." - May 2018 student

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​About the Instructor

Donna Ondek, LMT, CPT

Teaches Sports and Therapeutic Techniques, and Career Actualization classes. Donna is a member of the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) and ABMP (American Bodywork & Massage Professionals) and a graduate of Health Options Institute’s Massage Therapy Program.  She has additional training in lymph drainage massage, pain management, oncology and mastectomy massage.  She has led group fitness classes since 1988, been a certified personal trainer since 1992 through Aerobic & Fitness Association of America and is certified instructor of the Silver Sneakers Programs through Healthways, Inc.  She maintains a very active massage clinical practice in Trexlertown, Pa. and teaches yoga classes both privately and at O2 Oxyfit Gym, Macungie. Check out her website for more information!



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