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Transformational Flower Essence Sessions



“It was as good as winning the billion dollar lottery!” – Laurie H.


Elizabeth Anne Grubb does flower essence integration sessions to promote clarity of the heart/mind and unblock core spiritual and life issues. Elizabeth gets flower essences from various reputable companies and either uses them singly or combines them into fusion remedies she intuitively makes under the guidance of Ascended Masters to integrate humanity into higher states of consciousness. If you are stuck, these sessions are an easy and powerful means of bringing about change and empowerment to move forward. Even one session can assist you to make a dramatic switch to align more with your True Larger Self! The intelligence of the energy of each flower is unique and brilliant. The flowers’ vibrational frequencies expand awareness and help to remove limitations and reframe one’s entire reality to be exponentially greater. One’s universe is literally no longer the same because a flower’s perception of the universe is very much different than our own! Flower essences are made from the water that flowers are floated on when they are in their prime. It is impossible for a flower essence to hurt anyone because physically it is just vibrational loving water. It does not force a change like homeopathy, but simply suggests to your energy field/aura that it might want to blend with its field. This is similar to if you were to hug a tree, but it is even better since the waters are taken internally after being succussed (shaken) to be vibrationally compatible with the purpose they are being employed for. Since flower essences are simply water into which the sun has captured the vibration of a flower, they are universally safe for all people and the worst thing that could happen upon ingestion is for nothing to happen. However, people always experience changes with each flower essence or fusion formula in sessions with Elizabeth, because she is able to intuit ahead of time the correct order to use these in and to wonderfully facilitate clients when they get stuck. There are no issues that flower essences can’t transform through the processes that she employs. Her approach is quite different and exponentially more effective than the traditional methods of flower essence use. She employs a compassionate approach which brings the unconscious into the conscious for resolution. Sessions start with where you are and peel back layer after layer in a gentle and permanently effective way. Sessions also focus on other fields affecting you such as relationships, family, health, and finances to name just a few, but anything could come up. Elizabeth weaves lifetimes of experience in the use of flower essences into these sessions as well as employing many other modalities, all which serve to amplify the transformation possible.


Investment: $115 for the first hour which includes the intuitive pre-selection of essences from among about 180 single and fusion essences. This is done before the session and does not get included in the session time. This allows maximum use of time during the session. Thereafter, the fee is $95/hour pro-rated by the amount of time used. If less than an hour is needed, the first hour will be pro-rated. The sessions generally run 80 minutes or longer. The amount of time necessary can be fairly accurately intuitively determined ahead of time at least 60% of the time and with a much higher percentage if you are not doing any other intensive work simultaneously. This is because we are gently working on core issues rather than transient ones. Therefore remedies and session length usually can be known well in advance. Even one session will make a huge difference in a person’s outlook and general sense of wellbeing because these sessions affect people on a spiritual level, which then affects everything. There sometimes is an additional charge per flower essence take home product should Elizabeth suggest any personalized formulation(s) to create a bridge between the session just done and future sessions. However, sessions are complete within themselves, so such purchase is not mandatory or necessarily needed all the time.  


Please contact Elizabeth at 610 349-3467(text messaging preferred) or email and include your contact information for Elizabeth to estimate the amount of time necessary for an appointment with you or with questions. Elizabeth works Mondays through Saturdays and occasionally on Sundays in the afternoons and evenings.


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