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Transformational Flower Essence Sessions



“It was as good as winning the billion dollar lottery!” – Laurie H.


Elizabeth Anne Grubb provides flower essence integration sessions as a means for promoting clarity of the heart/mind and unblocking core spiritual and life issues. Her approach is distinctly different from and significantly more effective than the traditional methods of flower essence use. She peels back several layers of discordance one a time, intuiting which layer is next. Each layer contains the roots of the unwillingness to change that keeps a person stuck in the layer underneath. As the body knows how it got into a certain issue, Elizabeth guides you/your body back through those same steps in the opposite direction or order. This has the effect of unraveling an issue from its core. She weaves lifetimes of experience into the use of flower essences and many other modalities into these sessions, serving to amplify the transformation possible.


In these sessions, Elizabeth employs both individual flower essences from various reputable companies and her own fusion remedies. These remedies are intuitively created under the guidance of Ascended Masters, to integrate humanity into higher states of consciousness. Sessions are particularly effective and helpful when one is feeling stuck, as they are a simple and powerful means of bringing about change and empowering one to move forward. Just one session can have a profound impact on one’s life, outlook and general sense of well-being; assisting you in aligning more fully with your greater, True Self!


Flower essences are both universally safe and profound healing tools that work on the subtle, energetic level. They are made by floating flowers picked at the peak of their life cycle on water and allowing the sun’s light to imprint the flower’s unique vibrational perspective into the water. As such, it is impossible for a flower essence to be harmful as it is composed of nothing more than vibrationally-loving water. Gentler than homeopathy, which forces change, flower essences simply invite your energy field (or aura) to blend with their energy fields. The intelligence of each flower’s energy is unique and brilliant, making them useful healing tools for anything that could arise and supportive allies in leading a more aware, awake and spiritual life. Their frequencies aid in expanding awareness, removing limitations, and reframing one’s reality to be exponentially greater. One’s universe, quite literally, is no longer the same after working with flower essences.


Prior to a session, she intuits which of a selection of about 180 essences are needed and the most effective order to use them in. Sessions will address other fields that may be affecting you, such as relationships, family, health, work and finances, or anything else that might come up. In sessions, Elizabeth’s compassionate presence facilitates the raising of the unconscious into the conscious for resolution.




Your investment will depend upon the length of your session, which can often be intuitively determined ahead of time. Rates are as follows: $115 for the first hour (includes the intuitive pre-selection of essences, done prior to the session and not deducted from the session time); thereafter, the fee is $95/hour (If less than an hour is needed, the first hour will be pro-rated accordingly).  Many sessions run 90 minutes or longer, so bring extra funds in case the session runs longer than estimated. *Sometimes there is an additional charge for take-home products: personalized flower essence formulas that may be suggested to create a bridge between the completed session and future sessions. Such purchase is optional.


Please contact Elizabeth at 610 349-3467 (text messaging is preferred) or at the email address Include your contact information if you would like to schedule an appointment or any questions you may have.  Elizabeth is regularly available Mondays through Saturdays and occasionally on Sundays, in the afternoon or evening.


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