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What Is a Flower Essence?


Flower essences are both universally safe and profound healing tools that work on the subtle, energetic level. They are made by floating flowers picked at the peak of their life cycle on water and allowing the sun’s light to imprint the flower’s unique vibrational perspective into the water. As such, it is impossible for a flower essence to be harmful as it is composed of nothing more than vibrationally-loving water. Gentler than homeopathy, which forces change, flower essences simply invite your energy field (or aura) to blend with their energy fields. The intelligence of each flower’s energy is unique and brilliant, making them useful healing tools for anything that could arise and supportive allies in leading a more aware, awake and spiritual life. Their frequencies aid in expanding awareness, removing limitations, and reframing one’s reality to be exponentially greater.



What Is a Flower Fusion Remedy?


This is a combination of individual flower essences from various companies which have been alchemically fused and integrated by celestial energies, employing guidance and help from a team of ascended masters, archangels, angels, and Elohim. Their intention is to unblock core spiritual and life issues and to bring you into greater alignment with your True Self. These remedies can have a profound impact on one’s life, outlook, and general sense of well-being. One’s universe, quite literally, is no longer the same after working with these flower fusion products. There is a pool of about 180 essences from which these products may be made, including other fusion products developed by this company’s founder, and single essences, such as ones from the Perelandra gardens in Virginia of the USA, Bach’s from England, and North American flowers (i.e. from Alaska and especially the Sierra Nevada mountains). Flowers from other areas of the world are anticipated to be coming soon that will be incorporated into these fusion remedies.