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25 Reasons:


  • Comprehensive, broad based program, sufficiently long enough for thorough comprehension of the subject/is nicely paced for gentle successful progression and enjoyment.
  • In addition to a diploma, you will receive certificates of completion for various types of massage to frame for your wall.

  • ​Prestigious school that has repeatedly had a 100% rate of employment!

  • The Institute has a multitude of payment options to choose from to bring you toward your career goals.

  • Your health, both physically and mentally, will improve due to receiving so many massages!

  • You will learn advanced skills. You will have triple the hands on classroom time and will learn 4x's more techniques than at most other local schools. The Institute does not have watered down hours. You will be a more effective massage therapist and therefore have very high client retention.

  • The school’s graduates are sought out for high end jobs in the massage industry due to training in a variety of modalities that are in demand by both clients and employers that can be listed on a menu of services.

  • Alumni tend to be financially stable in long term massage careers. They get excellent jobs or work for themselves for very many years, usually well past the typical retirement age for other occupations, due to high job satisfaction. Due to the excellent training in body mechanics you will receive, you will use your body effectively, employing minimal effort, yet achieving maximum results.

  • The Institute has lifetime employment assistance. However, many students are offered numerous job opportunities even before they graduate and don't need assistance! Nevertheless, it is comforting to know you will have it if you need it.

  • The school has a holistic mind/body/spirit focus. The personal growth is phenomenal!

  • The school offers an ever changing selection of Continuing Education classes to choose from while you are in school and after you graduate taught by outstanding and caring instructors who are experts in their subjects.

  • Small class sizes for personalized attention.

  • Some flexibility to switch or customize your own schedule

  • Time-tested program of integrity since 1984/ oldest massage therapy program in the Lehigh Valley/ dedicated to the healing power of massage therapy for over 33 years

  • Students are extremely well prepared to take the licensing exam.

  • Family atmosphere in which you will make many life long friends

  • Warm, caring, passionate, and extensively experienced and diverse professional faculty. Gain exposure to a very wide base of knowledge within the program with all these instructors and assistant instructors being specialized in the subjects in which they instruct.

  • Generally better paid instructors per industry standards, making for a palpable difference in the quality of education. You will receive better education and skills due to better instructors for which the school is renown, which is why the Institute’s students are so in demand!

  • The Institute openly publishes teacher credentials, course descriptions, places where graduates are employed, employment statistics, and job opportunities.

  • Relaxing, yet professional atmosphere with fellow motivated passionate instructors and students making for a high quality classroom experience.

  • No extraneous courses/ this school specializes in and cares about massage and bodywork only, and about your success!

  • Three hands on courses in Anatomy and Physiology to make learning progressive, thorough, and easy for long term retention

  • The Anatomy/ Physiology/ Palpation/ Assessment skills and knowledge learned are specific to massage, not just general education, so this is a very wise investment.

  • Learn critical assessment skills to choose and blend a multitude of techniques together to personalize your massage and to keep your clients coming back!

  • No cap on how long you may take to complete your program. You don’t have to hurry. You can enjoy it!

  • Most reasonably priced program in the area by far when taking into consideration your skill and knowledge level on graduation and your enjoyment level as you go through the program!



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